The Question

I held the phone to my ear as she spoke. It was as close as I could get being hundreds of miles away. How desperately I wanted to hold her hand and give her the assurance she needed as she began this new adventure. Actually, I wanted to do something else… “Ask her,” my heart […]

With Broken Pieces

I hung up the phone and sat for a moment in silent anger and disbelief. “Lord, please help me. I can’t do this alone.” On the front porch, my daughters were waiting in happy anticipation of their father’s arrival and I would soon watch their hopes melt into tears. He would not be coming and […]

Letting Go

My Grandmother was a woman of wisdom, whose heart was strong enough to contain life’s deepest pain and greatest joys.  She was more than a Grandmother to me.  She was my friend, confidant, and teacher.  Years ago, she gave me a few clippings she had saved- bits of old wisdom she had hoped to pass on […]