For Educators


With an MA in Integrated Teaching through the Arts, 16 years of classroom teaching experience, and extensive experience as a writer and stage actress, Michelle Lynn Senters offers professional development that is engaging and informative. Michelle is the Founder and Lead Writing Coach of KIDS ARE WRITERS, an online community that offers creative writing prompts and informative articles for young writers around the world. She currently works as a reading interventionist in a public elementary school.

Michelle is prepared to take your staff and students to the next level of writing.

Want professional development that will inspire your teachers? Let’s talk.

You can expect:

  • highly creative lessons that motivate, inspire, and educate teachers in writing instruction.
  • active engagement of the participants.
  • workshops tailored to school goals and objectives.
  •  strategies and activities that are conducive to Common Core State Standards.
  • additional materials to support your educational goals.

Possible Topics for Educators:

  • Foundations of Writing: This professional development encourages educators to develop a strong foundation upon which their writing curriculum can stand. Topics include: Value of Words and Voice, Identity as a Writer, Handwriting Fluency, Creativity, and Whole-Brain Writing Instruction.
  • Using the Arts as a Vehicle for Instruction: With a MA in Integrated Teaching through the Arts and over 16 years experience in the classroom, Michelle offers strategies to use the modalities of art as a vehicle for instruction in all academic disciplines.
  • Care and Keeping of the Young Mind: In this workshop, Michelle shares the latest discoveries in brain research. Teachers will learn how 10 factors (nutrition, hydration, movement, sunlight, sleep, meditation, wonder, gratitude, community, and thought) affect learning, creativity, and behavior.
  • Writing topic of your choice. Michelle is able to create a workshop designed with your school goals and objectives in mind. Contact her to discuss your needs.

Want professional development that will inspire your teachers? Let’s talk.