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With an MA in Integrated Teaching through the Arts, 15 years of classroom teaching experience, and extensive experience as a writer and stage actress, Michelle Lynn Senters offers classroom visits that are both educational and entertaining. Michelle is the  founder and lead writing coach of KIDS ARE WRITERS, an online community that offers creative writing prompts and informative articles for young writers around the world.

Michelle is prepared to take your students to the next level of writing. She can visit your school or classroom in person or via Skype/Google Hangouts.

Want a school event that will educate and inspire? Let’s talk.

You can expect:

  • highly creative lessons that motivate, inspire, and instruct students in writing.
  • active engagement of the students.
  • lessons tailored to student needs and objectives.
  • lessons conducive to Common Core State Standards.
  • additional materials given to support your educational goals.

Possible Topics for Students:

  • "And the wolf huffed and puffed and blew that house down!"

    “And the wolf huffed and puffed and blew that house down!”

    Author Visit: (primary-high school) Michelle shares about her experience as a professional writer, offering insight to the writing process.

  • Cooking Up a Story: (primary) Using culinary skills and a bit of magic, Michelle introduces the main elements of story: characters, setting, and plot.
  • Creating a Life Map: (primary-high school) Life mapping is a powerful tool that helps the writer generate ideas for personal narratives. In this workshop, Michelle creates her own life map and uses it to tell a narrative story. Detailed instructions are given to assist students in making their own maps.
  • The Importance of YOUR Story: (primary-high school) Michelle teaches the value of storytelling and offers strategies to write personal narratives that are full of voice.
  • Developing Characters that Drive a Story: (middle school-high school) Utilizing her many years as a stage performer, Michelle offers a unique tool to create multi-dimentional and engaging characters.
  • The Power of Words: Writing Responsibly in a Media Driven World: (middle school-high school) Words have the power to build, tear down, inspire, entertain, and hurt. In this motivational workshop, Michelle conveys the importance of choosing words wisely.
  • YOUR CHOICE: As an experienced teacher, Michelle can create lessons, assemblies, and educational campaigns that are in alignment with your goals and needs.

Want a school event that will educate and inspire? Let’s talk.

What People Are Saying

“Thank you Michelle for the visit to our fourth grade classroom in San Pedro Sula, Honduras today! We knew it would be a wonderful time, but you just made my kids blow away with the whole experience. That spontaneous surprise of having some snow for them to experienced thru the lens was just awesome! You just made my kids be into the narrative session, during the full hour. After the interview they couldn’t stop talking about the beautiful time and the contest you created for them! My fourth graders deeply believe they are all famous and that is just because of you. I highly recommend your beautiful blog Kids are Writers and I believe as a teacher,taking the time to promote young writers is just what we need to have new authors in this time. Looking forward to send you my fourth grade students narratives. Wishing you the best always!” – Joanna Mojica, teacher at Escuela Bilingue Santa Maria Del Valle in San Pedro, Honduras

Classroom visits

Want a school event that will educate and inspire? Let’s talk.