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Michelle Lynn Senters is an experienced speaker who offers workshops and keynotes to writer’s groups and conferences. Utilizing her experience as a writer, teacher, and stage actress, Michelle’s messages are both informative and engaging. Below are topics of particular interest and experience to Michelle. She can also develop a presentation based on the needs of your writer’s group. For private consultation, please contact Michelle to discuss your needs.

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Write BrainedThe Care and Keeping of the Creative Mind

When a severe case of writer’s block caused Michelle Lynn Senters to question her ability, she did a little research and learned something quite astounding. It was all in her head, literally speaking. In this workshop, Michelle shares the latest discoveries in brain research as it relates to creativity and innovation. Designed for writers and illustrators of all levels, participants will learn how 10 factors (nutrition, hydration, movement, sunlight, sleep, meditation, wonder, gratitude, community, and thought) affect the brain and it’s ability to create. Michelle offers strategies to immediately improve the creative mind.
(For faith-based events, Michelle shows there is a direct correlation between brain research and God’s Word pertaining to physical, spiritual, and creative health.)

platform developmentSocial Media and Platform Development for the Pre-Published Author

Long gone are the days in which an author can live a secluded and private life. Readers want to know more about their favorite authors. Publishers expect authors to find an audience and participate in marketing their books. Developing a strong social media and platform is an essential tool for the author.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  •  the definition of a platform and why it is important.
  •  how to create a platform based on strengths, interests, and time availability.
  •  how to best utilize social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+ to increase visibility and future    marketability.
  •  how to balance time between writing and platform development.

Each participant will receive a comprehensive guide with easy-to-use tools and strategies.
(For faith-based events, Michelle will detail the spiritual ramifications of platform development and offer strategies to remain focused on God while maintaining a “following”.)

CLASSROOM PRESENTATIONSClassroom Presentations that Work

Utilizing her experience as both a teacher and a stage actress, Michelle Lynn Senters offers instruction how to create engaging, inspiring, and informative classroom visits.

In this workshop designed for children’s authors and illustrators, participants will learn how to:

  • plan an effective lesson.
  • utilize Common Core Standards.
  • engage students and control behaviors.
  • use props, costumes, quirks, and gimmicks
  • motivate students to read and write.
  • make a lasting and meaningful impression.
  • use storytelling and classroom visits to inform their writing.

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